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In This Place with God

“Kirkus Indie Book Review”

A debut book presents a scripturally based approach to the promises of God in an uncertain world.

Coleman encourages readers by describing “this place with God,” a phrase she uses often to denote a believer’s personal relationship with God as a safe and comforting space in the midst of an often cold and cruel human reality. This “place” is characterized by four main qualities: acceptance, forgiveness, victory, and purpose. The author is careful to explain throughout her work that even though these qualities are often lacking in the world, the believer can be confident of possessing them within “this place,” this relationship with God. For instance, other people may or may not accept others for who they are, and any approval may come and go. Nevertheless, God loves and accepts individuals no matter what—his love is unconditional. Likewise, “outside of this place with God, forgiveness is never guaranteed nor is at all possible, depending on what has occurred.” In relationship to God, however, “Jesus was crucified on the cross so that you could experience the benefits of true forgiveness.” In an imperfect world, Coleman explains, believers can find a place of perfect peace with God. Throughout the book, the author deftly utilizes specific Scriptures and biblical stories to stress her point. For instance, Coleman underlines the tale of Joseph’s relationship with his brothers in the chapter on forgiveness; she highlights the story of David and Goliath in the chapter on victory. The author’s writing is lucid and approachable, and her tone and subject matter should bring encouragement to those battling with everything from troublesome family members to difficult job situations.

A brief yet heartfelt and uplifting religious guide.

In This Place with God by Felicia Coleman